Saturday, March 17, 2018


definition of luck
as a noun: success or failure apparently brought on by chance rather than through one's actions.

as a verb:  chance to find or acquire.

I believe we all have been graced with luck, but I also believe that we have had an impact on our lives through application of planning and action.

I am so thankful that Katie had a great time at her second middle school dance and is now home safely from her sleepover at friend Quinn's home. She may be a bit resistant to head out to the shooting range today for her trap team, but I'm so thankful that she is giving it a try.

I am so thankful that Brad is running errands and will be working to help the church house on 3rd street get ready to be rented by young women next year and the year after.

I am so thankful that Osten is loving football and playing in his mind, noticing the differences between football scores and call who the winner of the game is.

I am so thankful that Anders is asleep in his bed after a big week of music, working, hanging out with Emma and heading into the last weeks of third quarter as a sophomore at River Falls High School.

Is this luck? I don't know, maybe a little luck and a lot of planning, I'm just thankful for where I am and the anticipation of a lovely sunny Saturday that doubles as St. Patrick's Day.

some photos from our weekend

Here are some photos from our weekend up north--Ibby teaching Henry how to thread a needle, Katie running through the snow covered woods, Osten working on our first and probably last snow friend of the season, Katie putting the finishing touches on our snow friend. 

good day sunshine!

As difficult as it is to change the clocks, the extended daylight at the end of the day is definitely welcome. Walking home from school each afternoon has been sweetened with being able to enjoy the sun higher in the sky.

Current sunrise/sunset:
7:19am sunrise
7:19pm sunset

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

music man

Anders who is a member of the Symphonic Band at River Falls High School performed in Expeditions! last night.

They performed Havendance by David Holsinger--Requiem to a Land Forgotten by Robert Sheldon--Fuego del Alma by Carl Strommen (great trumpet solo by Anders' friend Seth) and the whole 10th-12th grades joined together to play The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillip Sousa.

My favorites were Fuego del Alma for the Symphonic Band, Arabesque by Samuel R. Hazo performed by the Wind Symphony (the auditioned band that Anders is hoping to get into next year) and The Stars and Stripes Forever.

We also learned the band is planning a trip to Orlando Spring Break exciting!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

waiting expectantly

Osten is getting really excited for our spring break plans. After seeing the movie last night and then coming home to do a little homework, he was more than a little tired and started lamenting the fact we need to wait another 12 days for our spring break..."that's forever" with giant elephant tears streaming down his plump cheeks. Just enough to break your heart.

I'm hoping we can devise a good method of tracking that time so the end of the world isn't at hand.

wrinkle in time

Osten, Katie and I went to the new movie Wrinkle in Time last night at the Falls Theater. Katie met her friend Maya there and we enjoyed a nice evening of entertainment. I was impressed by the movie. It didn't get great reviews, but I thought it was super charming. Thanks Disney for a wonderful evening of entertainment!

 copyrighted image

The two kids and I got in for $10 and purchased $6.50 in concessions--large buttered popcorn, two candies and two medium sodas. I love the Falls Theater!

into the woods

On Saturday and Sunday, our family spent some time in the woods near Crex Meadows in the north country. We were falling trees and cutting/stacking to prepare for another heating season in the future. The snow was deep and the children were a bit reluctant but we had a nice time communing with nature.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


My dear friend Julie Annette is a gem in my life. Thanks for being my adopted sister. Her Mom said that we looked like sisters on this photo and Julie responded...that she thinks of me as her sister. I couldn't agree more.

we had brunch at San Pedro, coffee at the Wired Robin, did some shopping at an alpaca store and at the Purple Tree in Hudson and then went for a little stroll on the pier. What a precious friendship.

Friday, March 9, 2018

the music keeps playing

the music continues--today our school took a walking field trip the UW River Falls to watch the St. Croix Valley Symphony perform and learn about the different parts of the orchestra. The bass player was especially engaging with our class. Then we headed back to school and one of our students presented his guitar playing work...he had a very interested audience.

I adore the peace and thinking that happens when music is played and appreciated.

choir concert

Our handsome son Anders had a terrific choir concert at River Falls Public High School. The final selection was especially exciting with a combined choir where the choirs sang and danced a traditional African song. I could hear Anders and my friend Carrie took a couple pictures of him.

Anders is the Symphonic choir and sang:

Dominic Has a Doll by Vincent Persichetti
Kyrie by Andrea Klous
Cornerstone by Shawn Kirchner (with solos/small groups by Sophia Aaron Wilbur, Lilly Konkel, Sophia Schmidt, Elijah Arneson, Sydney Landgraf, Jackson Califf, Rachel Mann, Teigan Gentry, Mitchell Kallenbach, Anna Kuehn & Annika Nord

and with the combined choirs:
Kwela Kwela--Traditional Sotho & Zulu Songs arranged by University of Pretoria Youth Choir

My favorite songs of the evening was performed by the Chamber Choirs

The first was Wau Bulan a Malyasian Folksong/arr by Tracy Wong
SATB--soloist Olivia Kittleson and bongo drums by Isaac Gabriel, Olivia Kittleson, Andrew Smits & Macie VanNurden and movement by Mary Casey, Dana Craig, Alexa Kromery, Emily Meyer and Camryn Shea

The second was Elijah Rock a traditional spiritual arranged by Jester Hairston
SSAA choir (Emma Christensen performed).

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

late start

4:50 am call from Superintendent Benson stating we have a 2 hour delay to the start of our day. The calls cycled through our phones (Brad's phone, home phone, Karen's phone) and then there was a second round saying that there was no morning 4K.

I awoke and made my way to Anytime where very few athletes were practicing their normal routine. On my way home I took a little tumble (watch out the roads are slick) and am documenting in case I'm sore later and can't remember why.

Now I'm finishing up a few last papers to grade and will soon jump in the shower and finish my coffee and yogurt/granola. Anders got to work at DQ last night and appreciated the late start to the day.

Today after school some of my students are presenting their learning at a district tech/math showcase. I'm eager to see them in action.


definition of luck as a noun: success or failure apparently brought on by chance rather than through one's actions. as a verb:  chanc...