Wednesday, August 16, 2017

he's a Wildcat

Our 7 year old started touch football on Thursday and had his 2nd practice last night. He and good buddy Wil are both going to be playing. I believe there will be four 1st and 2nd grade teams so we will see if they are placed on the same team. 

O showing off his big boy helmet

Osten and Wil playing in the backyard

hike on the Kinni

Yesterday the 2 younger kids and I biked down to the Kinni to take a hike. The afternoon was sunny and not too hot. We made it to the 2nd falls with the kids abandoning their shoes shortly after photo one and then wondering where they were when we arrived at the 2nd falls. We live in a beautiful community. 

super fun weekend in St. Paul

On Friday, Katie and I worked in the 4H food stand, I was a herdsmanship judge for the horse and small animals and then we scurried home to pack for our weekend in St. Paul.

We drove to Hotel 340--swank--and then went for dinner at a yummy burger place. After eating, we walked to the Lynx game where we suffered our 3rd loss of the season to the LA Sparks. We also saw a speed painter unveil the new Lynx logo at half time. We received pint glasses with the new logo and then walked back to our beautiful accommodations that held two king sized beds (boys in one girls in the other) and two bathrooms.

Saturday morning we walked to the Irish Fair and watched sheep herding, a man cook potato soup and young ladies clogging. Every girl had a curly pony tail weaved into their natural hair. Katie noticed how they held their upper body completely still. It was a great cultural experience. We ate there and then walked to the light rail to take a ride to the Minnesota Capital.

We were unaware that the building was open for the first time to show off the renovations. Absolutely breathtaking. We got to see Nels' seat in the house of representatives and then rode the train back to our hotel where we took a dip in the pool.

Saturday evening, we drove to Bloomington and ate at a buffet that had sushi and plentiful Asian food. Our destination was the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Wow. Still one of my favorite musicals. Then back to our hotel and great sleep in our king sized beds.

Sunday morning we at a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then went to the Como Zoo and then to a restaurant for lunch. Our last stop was the JJ Hill House. Our guide was pretty amazing as we went back in time. Osten got a chance to play the part of Walter Hill...who was six years old when they moved into their home.

Thanks family for a memorable weekend!

340 lobby

our room

so excited for the stay!

one of the beautiful lamps in our room

dinner on Friday

Mom and son at dinner

at the game

speed painter in action

enjoying a coke with a name close to his...Andrea

Osten with a Coke with the name of his imaginary puppy "Bennett"

enjoying the fair together

capital rotunda

Katie in her cousin's seat

happy judge

family photo taken by a police officer who had a conversation with Osten about her tools--cuffs, gun, taser...

the pool at our hotel

the program from the play

Como Zoo viewing

JJ Hill house from the 2nd front of the house (overlooking St. Paul)

how she fared at the fair

She spent time preparing projects, bringing them to the fair, was conference judged on three items and this is how she did: 

non-conference judging of her tornado skit

non conference judged on her scrapbook of camping with the Knier family

non-conference judged photos and brief journaling of first year camping

conference judged two of her 4 photos for photography (she got a blue)

2nd two photos

conference judged shorts made with grandma Betty

non conference judged Tornado Safety poster

conference judged family wheel with Katie and siblings in middle, parents/aunts/uncles next tier, grandparents/great aunts and uncles next tier, great grandparents next tier and great great grandparents outside  
non conference judged quilted wall hanging made with grandma Betty--was invited by the Ellsworth Library to have displayed at the 4H exhibit during the month of September

non conference judged puppet with a movable mouth--not durable eyes
non conference judged chocolate chip cookies made with great grandma Grace's recipe. No explanation of the placing...

k k k kaitie beautiful Kaitie

The enchanting Kaitie B. celebrated her birthday this past week on August 12. Loads of love to you and wishing you all the best life has to offer.
Katie and Kaitie celebrating Jenna at her shower in July

cool desk

Starting to spend a fair amount of time in my classroom getting it ready for the coming school year. One of the goals was to have a really nice entry into the classroom and the small table that had been there was just not effective.

My mission was to find a place to house both my recycling and garbage right by the door and have a place for children to make their lunch choice. I found a nice desk for $15 at 2nd chances, a 2nd hand store here in River Falls.

I lightly sanded the desk and applied 2 coats of Dairy White paint (I bought a little sample size at Ace Hardware). I then applied some beautiful gold and ivory colored fabric I bought at Walmart to the inside of each drawer with spray adhesive. Taped off a rectangle on the top of the desk and sprayed a chalkboard paint/let it dry. Lastly I put new handles on the piece purchased from Home Depot.

I found the desk was a little too long and wouldn't adequately fit the spot I had originally intended so I re-purposed my music desk and it looks like it will be perfect. The refinished desk will now be my desk ;).

Here are photos:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

county fair time!

The Pierce County Fair is officially starting! On Monday, our 7 year old took his homemade brownies. As the judge was asking him if he was going to bake again next year he responded "no, but I am planning on bringing something really good--Legos".

On Tuesday, our 11 year old brought her family wheel history project, puppet with moveable mouth, shorts, photography, her scrapbook of camping with the Knier family and her original play about tornado safety. She was conference judged on history, shorts and photography and received blues on all three projects. She also received a blue on her scrapbook and original play. We forgot to check on her puppet.

On Wednesday, she brought three projects to be judged without conferencing. She delivered a tornado safety poster, an original wall hanging and two chocolate chip cookies that were baked from Grandma Grace's recipe.

Tomorrow we will head to the fair where I get to judge herdsmanship for horses and also work at the 4H food stand. We shall see how she did on the  remaining 4 projects.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

birthday blessings Liana Marie

19 years ago I got a wonderful telephone call. We were waiting for this call for quite some time and finally a sweet baby girl was born at Windom hospital. We have been blessed with your kindness, wit, intelligence, athleticism, and genuine nature.

Happy birthday Liana Marie.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

happy birthday Bud!

To a kind, thoughtful, generous, hard working, thrifty man who often thinks of others before himself.
Happy birthday from your son, daughter in law and grandkids.  We love you!

one of my favorite Bud birthday photos

happy birthday Momma to be

the lovely Kyeanna Rae celebrated her birthday with her parents and her brothers girlfriend. Wishing you loads of happiness and health and joy dear one.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

baby on board

Yesterday the gender of my nephew Stuart and his lovely wife Kyeanna's baby was revealed at a party at the home where I grew up and where later Stuart and his siblings spent their growing up years. Kurt hosted the party and from what I could gather, there was a nice crowd assembled.

Stuart is not home right now with his duties to the US Marines, but Kyeanna popped a balloon letting us all know that they are expecting a sweet baby girl to join their family.

Prayers for health and strength for the whole family in their new adventures!

Friday, August 4, 2017

moa adventure day

It's funny, when the weather is crummy, I feel more motivated to provide fun opportunities for the kids. I took Osten and Katie to the Mall of America on Thursday afternoon. We rode rides, ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then had some yummy donuts at Tim Horton.

I love the photo of us on the Pepsi Ride...I couldn't resist buying because of O's sweet face and K & K's joy.

Here are a couple of more pictures...