Saturday, July 22, 2017

she is not a mistake, but that is her role

Our sweet Katie Olson is playing in the River Falls Community Theater production of Cinderella. This is a Prairie Fire Children's Theater production so it means that it isn't the traditional story of's modified.

Katie is playing the part of Mistake #3 where she is a backup singer in a lip-sync contest for a character named Mikey--who is supposed to play the part of Prince Charming. Cinderella ends up winning the contest and having Mikey propose. She refuses his proposal because she is happy being single.

the full case of Cinderella

Mistake #3 with Cinderella

Mistake with her proud Momma

The four mistakes

Friday, July 21, 2017

craving chicken

Our Katie cat is performing in a play this evening and she got to choose the food she would bring for dinner. She chose fried chicken. We went uptown and bought some chicken for Katie and the rest of our family. Osten is currently very concerned that he won't get a chance to eat his chicken. We will eat when it's dinner time...I don't know if that will be soon enough for our 7 year old.


Our family was watching television last night and came across a really great movie about life. The name of the movie was Given--the story of a family told from the perspective of the six year old. This family traveled around the world surfing and living very minimally/spending time together learning from one another. The story crept into my dreams...very cool.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

dental work

This morning I woke Katie and Anders up for dental procedures. Anders had spacers inserted and Katie had an initial consultation for braces and her last two baby teeth extracted. There was some anxiety, but everything went relatively well. Way to got Katie! Tomorrow we will have a more in depth appointment and then from there we will plan a course of action.

t-ball 2017

Osten's team had their last game on Monday night. Here are the times

the camping 2017

the kids working together on sand art at the beach at Hartman

me in the kayak on Hartman
the annual grasshopper picture with real grasshopper drinks

the Dads Jerry and Brad

a selfie on our drive home
We had a really great time with the Knier's and here are a few last photos of our adventure. We are planning another trip in 2018--thinking Washington Island off the tip of Door County.

father's day gift is a hit!

Osten loves the hammock!
Our Father's Day gift to Brad this year was a portable hammock. It was really easy to set up at camp and then was a very popular place for the kids to hang out (literally).

4 kids in a hammock--Katie, Osten, Julia and Jillian

The 8 year old and 7 year old hanging out together--Julia and Osten

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

camping with the Kniers

As we camped this year at Hartman Creek with our dear friends, Jennifer, Jerry, Jillian and Julia, we attempted to piece together our history of camping trips/trips to Lake Michigan fishing.

Anders and Jillian in our first year of camping at Lake Wissota 2006

We started camping together in June 2006 at Lake Wissota
2007 was Lake Wissota again

then we took a break from state park camping.

2014 Blue Mound State Park
2015 Peninsula State Park
2016 Yellowstone Lake State Park
2017 Hartman Creek State Park
in the same camper this time Katie and Jillian having a sleepover 2017

2005 our first trip to Lake Michigan with the Kniers out of Sheboygan
2006 Lake Michigan out of Sheboygan--Brent came with us and we stayed at the Kniers
2007 Lake Michigan fished out of Sheboygan stayed at Kniers Bud, Betty, Brent, Molly and Siri stayed in Sheboygan in hotel
2008 Lake Michigan fished out of Sheboygan and stayed with Kniers--visited them at Plymouth Rock campground, Bruce joined
2009 Lake Michigan fished out of Sheboygan stayed at Plymouth Rock campground in Yurt with Kniers--Shumair joined
2010 Lake Michigan fished out of Sheboygan and camped with camper at Plymouth Rock campground Bruce, Julie, Isaiah, Christina, Ibby, Darrell, Henry, Joe, Dehlia and Osten joined
2011 Lake Michigan Door County at Tranquil Timbers Cory and Joan's family joined
2012 Lake Michigan Door County at Tranquil Timbers Kyle and Kim's family joined
2013 Lake Michigan Door County at Tranquil Timbers
2014 break from Salmon Fishing
2015 Lake Michigan Door County at Tranquil Timbers
2016 Lake Michigan Door County at Tranquil Timbers

2004 Knier's cottage near Tomahawk, Wisconsin
2008 Knier's cottage north of Wausau near Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Thursday, July 13, 2017

marching band notes

As I'm writing today and getting ready for a camping trip to Hartman Creek, I'm hearing our 16 year old practicing marching band a few blocks away. They sound incredible!

happy 11th birthday Joseph P. Q.

Happy happy birthday to our charming, deep thinking, helpful nephew Joe Quintana.
Joe and his Momma celebrating his 10th birthday

Joe at Luther  Point a few weeks ago

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

double braids

I finally learned how to make double french braids on my beautiful daughter's head. She looks enchanting.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

19 reasons why

There are many reasons I love Bradley Cole Olson and the commitment we made to one another 19 years ago today, but here are 19
1. He loves God and believes in Jesus
2. He is funny
3. He loves spending time outside
4. He loves taking care of his family
5. He loves the environment
6. He has a great singing voice
7. He is my workout buddy at 5am during the school year
8. He encourages me to spend time with myself and with my friends
9. He is a great role model for our kids
10. He is active in church
11. He is generous
12. He wants to make the world a better place
13. He is really strong
14. He is a hard worker
15. He encourages us to make sustainable transportation choices
16. He is a great son
17. He took me out to lunch today at Pier 500
18. He played family kick ball with our family tonight
19. He loves to garden

Here is some photos of our big day in 1998: