Thursday, January 18, 2018

12 years ago today

My beautiful, talented, intelligent, articulate, driven, spirited, musical, dramatic, kind-hearted, inclusive, athletic, strong daughter, Katie Grace was born. She has lit up of our lives with her wit and charm. Thank you KGO. I am in love with you.

Here are some cherished photos from her first 12 years...
her band concert this evening (photo from courtesy friend Dawn)

in St. Croix at Caren's house in Bugby Hole

age 0 with big brother Anders

first birthday party with chicken cake

partying with Siri, Kyle and Kim

Jenna came to the party and slept over!

Age 4 at Chuck E Cheese with Ian, Siri and Hope

5th birthday breakfast in bed

3rd birthday with birthday buddy Libby

Silly Six month old

running into the surf at Sandy Point newly 6

celebrating her 7th with her amazing 1st grade teacher Ms. Altenberg

She's 8

Now 9

thrilled with brother's noise at 10

extinguishing 11 candles

lastly building a sandcastle at Sandy Point...wish I was there right now!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast

This morning our community gathered for the Martin Luther King Jr. day breakfast. The theme of the breakfast was Building Bridges for a Bold Dream.The children from our school made dream catchers for artwork on the tables. A third grader from our school read her original poem--

Building Bridges for a Bold Dream by Iris Selb

Bridges can lead to peace
Because if we didn't have bridges
We couldn't move forward.

Martin Luther King Jr. was moving forward for civil rights.
He was building his bridge on his just words and peace
and the support of his family.

If I built a bridge, I would want the workers
to have unity
And the iron poured with courage.

This bridge will hold up my bold dream.
And my dream is that things that are apart to be together.
Like Martin Luther King Jr. my bridge will hold up my Dream.

but my favorite part was hearing the River Falls High School Choir madrigals sing Bridge Over Troubled Water and Lean on Me (with We Shall Overcome) because one bass was singing in the group...Anders Cole Olson

director Carrie Loney
singers: Faith Pemble, Sophia Schmidt, Tigan Gentry, Annika Nord, Nathan Burke, Logan Armitage, Wesley Papp, Emily Meyer, Mitch Kallenbach, Anders Olson, Haley Lodge, Rachel Mann, Abbey Markey, Dana Craig and Paul Schatz.

once in a lifetime play

from the St. Paul Pioneer Press:Vikings Stun Saints
The Vikings needed a miracle, so they called a play called “Seven Heaven.”
With the Vikings seconds away from yet another devastating postseason defeat, they came up with perhaps the most dramatic victory in team history. Stefon Diggs caught a 61-yard touchdown pass from Case Keenum on the final play for a 29-24 victory over New Orleans in a divisional playoff game Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium.
“Wow,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. “That was a heck of a game, wasn’t it? And the good guys won.”
The Vikings advanced to play at Philadelphia next Sunday in the NFC championship game.
The Vikings, who had blown a 17-0 third-quarter lead, looked doomed when Will Lutz kicked a 43-yard field goal with 25 seconds left to put the Saints up 24-23. They faced third and 10 at their own 39 with 10 seconds remaining and no timeouts left.
That’s when Keenum lofted a pass to Diggs, who caught it along the right sideline at the New Orleans 34 while safety Marcus Williams fell lunging to make a tackle. Diggs stormed down the sideline untouched and into the end zone as the clock expired and the fans went wild.
“I hate giving out plays, but the play is called ‘Seven Heaven,’ ” said Diggs, who caught six passes for 137 yards. “As I was about to leave (the huddle, Keenum) said, ‘I’m going to give somebody a chance,’ and that somebody was me.”
Diggs was clutching the game ball afterward, which he said fellow receiver Jarius Wright “saved” for him after he let it go in the end zone and started celebrating. Diggs called it a “play that you dream about your whole life,” and said he initially was in disbelief.
So was Keenum.

happy 39 truly lovely Molly Kathleen!

Happy happy 39th birthday Molly K Olson. Wishing you tons of love and joy to you today and always.
Molly and her family this September for the Olson family photo session

Sunday, January 14, 2018

in love

I would say Stuart is smitten with his sweet little angel daughter, Kesleigh Rae.

and this happened on Saturday

This weekend was full for Brad as I was out. He took Katie to a basketball tournament where they won first place. He also managed Anders who had a swim meet in St. Paul. So happy to normally have two parents able to run and attend.

Here is a photo of Katie's team...

lacrosse conference

Every year in the first weeks of January, LaCrosse hosts a Montessori conference. This was my 4th annual conference. We left right after school on Friday, drove to LaCrosse and spent the night in a lovely Hampton Inn.

We went dancing a little bit at a place called Popcorn. Several of our staff were there in attendance. Nate, Maggie, Sara, Mitch and myself were there on night one.

On Saturday morning, co-workers Abby and Michelle joined us and we arrived at UW LaCrosse and heard a wonderful keynote speaker who started an all inclusive private Montessori in Utah. They serve students with all developmental abilities. She told the story of a young girl who doctors said would never walk. Told the story of how the girl wasn't able to walk--YET. She eventually did walk after a lot of scaffolding.

Then I attended breakout sessions about being historians, introduction to the Montessori classroom and lastly one on developing visual sense to help focus and concentrate.

We then went to an escape room and tried to break out of a bank vault. It was fun, but we didn't quite make it out in an hour. Next, dinner at a place called the Root Note, darts at a couple of different bars and lastly to our hotel to swim and then sleep peacefully.

This morning we had a meeting to discuss our findings at breakout sessions, develop an action plan to implement at our school and lastly to drive home. The weather was warmer, but the snow just started falling beautifully.

Glad to be home safe and sound with my family!
yummy cafe miel from Root Note

delicious sweet potato crepe from the Root Note

working hard in our conference room

Thursday, January 11, 2018

chilly walk home

I had a dental appointment right after school today. As I was relieved of bus duty, my handsome husband and dashing 7 year old came and picked me up to drive me to my dental appointment.

No cavities! My gums looked pink and healthy. I decided it was a good idea to walk home after the appointment because I wanted to get more steps in...bad choice. I was wearing flats and the snow was laying in small drifts all the way home and the wind was blowing quite briskly.

The current temperature is 8 and the wind is blowing at 15mph. So happy to have a warm and cozy home!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

building energy

Today I had a sub so I could test the reading levels of my students. I got most of my children tested today, but did miss just a few.

I talked to my sub and she said the morning was very active--lots of kids just with an abundance of energy. The afternoon reading time was very peaceful though...great news! As I was observing the children leave for the day, I could just feel the energy pulsing through the room...I think it's because there is a major change in the barometer in store with a winter storm warning in effect for River Falls.

The current temperature 35 degrees.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

chance meeting

Today was a fun morning of learning and as I was walking the children down to lunch, my tummy started feeling a little off so I decided to head to Subway to pick up a sandwich in the event I was just hungry.

As I entered Subway, a man stepped out of the way--I glanced over and saw my very dear former boss, Nate. I got to visit with him for a brief interlude and he asked questions about Dad and extended his sincerest sympathy. He ended up paying for my sandwich and cookie and I had to run back to school, but I had such a nice chance meeting with a person who had a very positive impact on my life.

Thanks for the nice visit Nate!
this is a photo I picked up from google images...this photo is several years old, but he still looks the same.

normal Monday

Monday was right back to normal. I left for school at 7:45am and got home at 8:30pm. I had site council and PTO so it ended up being quite a late evening. It is nice to be back to normal.

12 years ago today

My beautiful, talented, intelligent, articulate, driven, spirited, musical, dramatic, kind-hearted, inclusive, athletic, strong daughter, Ka...