Wednesday, November 15, 2017

love audio books!

Read alouds are some of the best parts of my school day. I recently started finding really great readers on YouTube and also having the Magic Tree House books read aloud by audio book in my classroom. Gives me an opportunity to do observations and also ask children questions about what is being read to them.

LOVE Literacy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


From my reflective brother Kurtie Martin...

Reflection... Something as simple as changing a chisel plow tooth caused me to reflect tonight. I recall last year when this time came my Dad got very somber and reflective. He told me when these teeth were changed last, he had taught Ross how to do it. He said Ross was cheerful , willing and caught on real quickly. This didn't surprise me, I always knew him that way. Now this year I find myself as the generation in-between and smile in reflection. I don't wallow in sadness or self pity, I'm just thankful to remember the best.

Monday, November 13, 2017

not sleepy

So weird--my body has gotten used to getting up at 5am and is usually crashed out sleeping at 10:41pm. Not tonight. I hope I can get up at 5--the gym is calling ;)

3rd public performance

On Sunday, I got to see the River Falls High School performance of Beauty and the Beast. So well done. Great crowd and got to see the show (thanks Kim) with my Mom, aunt Loie, Kim, Pat--Julie and Libby--Brad, Katie and Osten--Bud and Betty--Emma

Thanks to Emma for getting Anders' makeup on, helping him get to the play on time and meeting grandparents.

Thanks to Momma, Loie, Pat and Kim for coming to church, lunch at Kinni Cafe, the play, dinner at Perkins and then driving back and forth hundreds of miles.

Thanks Julie and Libby for driving, taking great photos and being your lovely selves.

Thanks to Bud and Betty for driving and for a yummy treat at Perkins after the show.

The play was really great and I'm so happy for our son to be part of such a great and memorable show.

art idea

Here is an art idea that I may just be copying in the near future.

another cool photo from isthmus

This is another cool photo that I plan on making copies of for my classroom.

classroom wish list

On Friday, I went to Madison to visit a lovely Montessori school. This flag was on the wall and I just thought it was so peaceful and cool. Thanks to my school for sponsoring my trip east to see such a beautiful learning community.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

be our guest

Be the Guest of the River Falls High School theater and come to our fabulous performances!
Performances: Friday, Nov. 10, Saturday, Nov. 11, Friday Nov. 17 and Saturday Nov. 18 at 7pm. 
Sunday, November 12 at 2pm. 
Tickets: $5 students, $10 adults. All tickets can be purchased at the door an hour before each performance. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

ivan's 9!

It can't be--our Godson, Ivan George is 9 years old as of November 3! Happy birthday handsome Ivan George. We all love you and wish you warm and wonderful things in your last year of single digits!
Here's Ivan with his mini-me--Ike in September

happy 50 dear Kim!

Our beautiful Kimberly Ann Kubes Blomgren was born 50 year ago today. What a great day in history!

The number one song on the day of Kim's birth was "To Sir with Love" by LuLu

Happy birthday Kim. I am so happy to have you in our lives.
here's Kim and her Momma Pat

Sunday, November 5, 2017

all Saints Day!

I feel very well rested today. Daylight Saving Time ended at 2am this morning. I'm really hungry right now, but I feel very well rested.

Today we celebrated All Saints Day in church. Daddy's name was read at our service and we were able to light a candle in his memory. Much love to you Clarence Edward Blomgren Jr.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

state cross country

Our destination today--MN State High School Cross Country meet in Northfield, MN. So excited to see our Ryan Edward run with his team at the meet today and see his Daddy, Kyle be his coach.

girls' nights

Last night, we were running in all directions again. Brad is in Portland for work, Anders was at his girlfriend's 18th birthday party, Osten was at home entertaining babysitter Kate, Katie was at her friend, Quinn's house getting ready for and then attending her first middle school dance--then had a sleepover and I had a long planned girls night out with dear friends attending the movie Bad Mom's Christmas at Oakdale Theaters. I haven't seen Katie yet this morning, but Molly (host of the party) sent lots of fun photos of the girls and snippets of the fun they had. 

I personally laughed and enjoyed time with my lady friends...we also got to go out to Pedro del este in Hudson with the restaurant manager after the show...Gretchen's sister Susie hosted us. It was a delightful evening and I hope to do again soon.
Rachel, Jayla, Katie, Maiya, Lillia, Quinn, Alli, Shirin and Savannah

Gretchen, Jen, Sharyl, Michelle, Kim, me and Angie