Tuesday, July 11, 2017

19 reasons why

There are many reasons I love Bradley Cole Olson and the commitment we made to one another 19 years ago today, but here are 19
1. He loves God and believes in Jesus
2. He is funny
3. He loves spending time outside
4. He loves taking care of his family
5. He loves the environment
6. He has a great singing voice
7. He is my workout buddy at 5am during the school year
8. He encourages me to spend time with myself and with my friends
9. He is a great role model for our kids
10. He is active in church
11. He is generous
12. He wants to make the world a better place
13. He is really strong
14. He is a hard worker
15. He encourages us to make sustainable transportation choices
16. He is a great son
17. He took me out to lunch today at Pier 500
18. He played family kick ball with our family tonight
19. He loves to garden

Here is some photos of our big day in 1998:

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